Ofsted reforms 2014-2015 – Some hints at the changes for Sept 2015 from Mike Cladingbowl #rED14


For those of you that weren’t at Mike Cladingbowl’s session at ResearchED14 on 6th September 2014, his session outlined a history of inspection, what the purpose of inspection is and finally some hints at what may be part of the reforms planned for this/next year.

  • The reforms will be wide. He would like to speak to a many people as possible about what they feel Ofsted can do. He would like to get at least 23000 teachers having a voice in the process through consultation
  • Good and better schools will have a ‘light touch’ visit. A small group of HMIs (I think he said every 3 years?) will come and meet with the school. It will be a discussion about where things are rather than an inspection as we know it.
  • Whole school gradings of 1-4 may go. He proposed ‘good enough’ or ‘not good enough’ as the new judgements.
  • There will continue to be no grading of individual lessons but he stressed that an inspection of learning and teaching without seeing it in action will not be the way forward. However, how inspectors visit lessons will not be the ‘clipboard’ style it has been.
  • He believes that SMSC is important (Hurrah!). He hinted at it becoming a more key part of inspections.
  • Curriculum is the key focus for reform. (More focus on broad and balanced?)

I wanted to ask him about no-notice inspections but time ran out.

If you were in the session and I’ve missed anything or you feel I’ve misrepresented it then please add a comment and I will edit the post. I think the video of the session will be available soon as well.



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