Time to change the language of learning or is it just semantics?


I’ve blogged already on why I think revision needs to be ditched. The term revision in secondary schools is generally used synonymously with ‘cramming’, ‘learning something you don’t already know’  or at worst ‘a teacher giving up their holiday to put in more work so that you might pass your exam’.

In a discussion with colleagues about interleaving and using testing for learning there has been a discussed about using the word ‘test’ with students. I think that currently this is synonymous with ‘SATs,’ ,’ GCSEs’ and ‘high stakes tests that define you or determine your future’.

Is it time to change the language we use or begin to redefine those we already have?

Which words need to change?

Suggestions for those above might be:


  • Learning
  • Checking learning
  • Embedding
  • Check points
  • Diagnosis
  • Recapping


  • Quizzing
  • Low stakes test
  • Checking
  • Learning

What other terms and phrases could be redefined? Special needs? Differentiation?

Or is it a waste of time whilst the high stakes versions still exist?


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