Inspiring leadership & management – my reflections


From the beginning of my teaching career I have met certain leaders and managers that have inspired me.

As part of my preparation for #SLTCamp I’d like to reflect on them and what it is that made them stand out in an attempt to pull together what makes a inspirational, effective school leader. To add to my thinking I have added a question/s, that if I could, I would like to ask them.

A Headteacher

She was always in control. No matter what the staff and students threw at her she was calm and it was almost as if she ‘knew’ the best way to deal with any situation. It was a talent. A natural ability to deal with anything. She was also wise and kind. She treated you with respect and remained professional no matter what the situation. She made me feel safe in the knowledge that the school was being ‘steered’ in the right direction. She knew how to speak to children and to adults. She was the ideal Headteacher.

Question: How did you learn to be like this? Or is it just natural?

A Head of Faculty

She made me feel welcome from the start in my first job. She spoke as it was. She listened. She treated all students with respect and guided me to deal with challenging students in the most humane and effective manner. SLT didn’t always agree with her but I felt that her presence and authority made them respect her as a practitioner. She inspired me to be strong and to take on responsibilities. She was always fair and willing to listen and give the direct advice I needed. She lead what would now be an ‘Outstanding’ faculty. We all played our role. We talked about teaching and learning. We all cared about our students. She made me proud to be a teacher.

Question: Do you think you can ‘teach’ people to have the skills you have? Or is it just a natural ability?

A Teaching & Learning Assistant Head

She was as a T&L leader should be. Passionate about learning. A good role model. Practiced what she preached. She was prepared to get involved with students and she ALWAYS followed up any problems with students. They never ‘got away’ with something. She had a great catchphrase. ‘Get with the programme’. The children knew she was firm but fair. She dealt with some real humdingers at that time. Things you would never imagine would happen with a group of educated adults. She dealt with these situations in the most professional, fair but kind manner. I really really admired her. I could never have done it.
I would love to work in a school where she was Head teacher. I hope she is one somewhere. I’m sure the children and the staff will love her.

Question: How did you decide what to do in these situations? Did you talk them through with anyone?

An adviser

She inspires and motivates when the day to day life in school is tough. She has a natural ability to make people feel special and valued. She energises people. She always listens to everyone. Even if comments are controversial she always deals with them sensitively and without judgement. She has an innate ability in her work. She has professional integrity and a high level of wisdom. I trust her.
I really admire her and wish I could be more like her.

Question: What advice would you give me to move forwards?

I haven’t deliberately just included women it’s just the way things have happened.

Upon reflection I trusted them all enough to ask them for advice and guidance how to improve.

Now I need to reflect on this in my own practice. I’m hoping to meet more people like this at #SLTCamp to help me understand how I can do this.