Blog collection: Generating 2020 GCSE/A level grades


This blog is purely a collection on how exam centres can generate the GCSE/A level grade required to submit to the DfE in 2020 & some general blogs on the situation.

The Government have issued this which is the definitive document at the moment DfE document –

Ofqual blog 

Ofqual video for teachers

Blogs & videos

Kristian Shanks –

Chris Baker

Andy Byers – video

Andy Byers – Blog –

Tom Sherrington –

Matthew Evans

Matthew Evans 2

Alan Brooks

Carly Waterman

SSAT- Tom Middlehurst

Lewis Fenn Griffin


Ben Preston

Dawn Cox (not written for this context but may be of use)

OCR video

General blogs on the overall situation 

Not on generating grades but generally on this process – Gill Wyness-

Race Update 5 – Grade Predictions and Assessment during Covid-19-Dr Shahmima Aktat-

Ben Newmark- What about pupils at turnaround schools?


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