Are you a Sat Nav leader?




I’ve been thinking about this all week in relation to the ‘bus’ analogy used by many leaders in education. Martin Robinson reminded me with a Sat Nav reference so here are my thoughts.


Sat Nav leaders…

  • Follow one route and don’t veer off for anything
  • Keep their eyes on the screen, ignoring the beauty of the journey 
  • Favour technology (Sat Nav) over the traditional (map) without realising there is use in both
  • Don’t sit before a long journey and work out the journey route, possible hold ups or alternatives. There is no long term strategy it’s just following the directions given as and when they’re given.
  • Regardless of what signs tell them they stick with the sat Nav even if they lead to ‘no through’ roads, deep weirs, or low bridges. They carry on regardless.
  • Favour the ‘voice’ of the Sat Nav over the reasoning of the others in the vehicle


Do leaders have the critical thinking skills needed to lead strategically yet humanely?







Please note this is in no way meant to be derogatory to those who have been injured or lost their lives to Sat Navs. No offence is intended.

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