Why I love my job


Those people that really know me, know that my realistic/pessimistic views sometimes shared on social media aren’t a true reflection of what I think about educational and teaching.

I love being a teacher and can’t imagine that I will do any other job. 

I am lucky that I have always loved teaching. Through some very challenging contexts, the best part of my day has always been with students in class.

I love discussing big questions in life with students. They ask brilliant, though provoking questions that I cannot answer. They bring points of view that I haven’t considered.

I love having a laugh with students. I don’t mean my lessons are fun. I mean laughing at the same things, sharing a humorous answer or random personal anecdote shared by a year 7.

I teach 19 classes and I love it. Some students say ‘thank you’ at the end of the lesson. It makes a difference.

I love marking their work. I find it fascinating what they write. It is a great way to show that I value them and their work. 

I love my classroom. Everything is in its place. I once worked with someone who said it doesn’t matter if teachers don’t have a room, I cannot disagree more. 

And even in times of change, I’m loving the new GCSE and its challenge to my subject knowledge. 

Finally, many years later, I see ex students creating their own lives, travelling the world, becoming parents and living  their own lives. Once in a while they let me know how our lessons affected them, even today.

Don’t be fooled by what you might think about me. I’m proud to be a teacher. I love my job.


One thought on “Why I love my job

  1. I’m glad to hear it. In this current climate it is all too easy to get despondent. I absolutely LOVE my job too and like you would not change it. I am sure out in ourbig wide world there are many more teachers with the same views. Teaching IS a rewarding job and seeing children succeed makes it all the better!

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