Teaching & testing but not teaching to the test


This year I am trialling using multiple choice quizzes with the students as part of our assessment model. I’ve blogged on the process here and on ‘no stakes testing’ here.

Before, I made the MC questions, we sat as a department and decided what we would teach; the core content we wanted students to know and understand. This is highlighted at the top of our schemes of learning and each lesson references at least one of these bullet points.

This week our students have been doing the 3rd test. It’s been the same questions every test. And all I can say is that the results are fascinating.  I will blog separately about them and the implications they may have for the tweaking the model, but at the moment it has me thinking:

If we know what is going to be on a test, do we instinctively teach to the test? Is that a bad thing if it is based on the core knowledge we want our students to gain?

Due to our system, students don’t get their results, see the questions unless being quizzed or know comparatively how they’ve done from one test to another.

So have I been teaching to the test or just testing them on the things I’ve taught them?

One thought on “Teaching & testing but not teaching to the test

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