Should we declare our bias to students?


I believe that it more important than ever that we teach our students the critical thinking skills of assessing reliability and credibility. The more and more the world is presented to them via the media and in particular social media they desperately need the skills to be able to discern between sources and see that everyone has their own bias.

As an RE teacher I have never told the students my religion or core beliefs however I will inherently through my language show a bias when talking about particular issues. But it doesn’t just occur in RE, in many subjects and topics there is the likelihood that bias will skew how something is taught. Maybe a move away from ‘what the teacher says is right/correct’ to ‘the teacher is presenting a view’ would help students in these skills.

The question is, should teachers declare their political/religious/social biases from the start or attempt, probably impossibly, to be neutral in their teaching?

Would teaching students these skills, in some cases, be too much for some as they’ve based their school/teaching on ‘the teacher is always right’?


3 thoughts on “Should we declare our bias to students?

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