Conclusions from term 1 at my new school

  1. Ofsted is a COMPLETELY different experience if you have nothing to hide/fear.
  2. Children are different in every school and you cannot generalise in all aspects from one to another.
  3. SLT in a well run school are different to those in one that is not.
  4. Email does not have to be the only form of communication & a school can run just as/more efficiently by talking & notice boards/briefings/newsletters
  5. GCSEs are failing to challenge some children. I’m teaching top set year 9 A Level style/content and they’ll have a big drop if they choose GCSE.
  6. How I teach works. It’s not conventional. It fails all tick sheets. It’s natural. But students learn & like it.
  7. The ethos of a school is crucial and it comes from everyone in it.
  8. Giving power to middle leaders is the driving force of a school ( I knew this anyway but just hadn’t experienced it)
  9. Year 7 are so funny, heart warming and great to teach  (I haven’t taught them for a few years)
  10. I love teaching. I love marking. I love having my own classroom. I love my school.

oh yes and 11. Money isn’t everything. Happiness is.


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