When are a school’s results, not a school’s results?


When the results are a result of students having private tuition.

How many schools ask students directly if they are having private tuition in a subject?

Do you use this in results analysis?

Someone told me today that a school with barely any maths teachers got its best ever results one year. Most of the students had private tutors.


One thought on “When are a school’s results, not a school’s results?

  1. I wrote about the extent of shadow education in my blog http://icingonthecakeblog.weebly.com/blog/ofsted-scandalously-bad-judgement

    This quote might make for interesting reading:
    “The Sutton Trust has been looking into the ways in which the ‘well off families’ gain advantage for their children. Their recent ‘Parent Power?’ report confirmed the extent to which many families pay for private tutors. Private tuition, or ‘shadow education’ in the jargon term, is widespread in England. As long ago as 2005, the Sutton trust found that 18% (and 34% in London) of 11-16 year olds had had private tuition. In 2010, they found the figures to be 23% (38% in the capital), and last year they reported that 24% (40%) of 11-16 year olds had ever received private tuition.”

    And that doesn’t even consider the effect of having parents who have chosen to buy houses in catchment areas of schools which – to no-one’s surprise – have children who get good grades, with parents who have chosen… and so on, in an endless self-affirming loop.

    As researchers keep pointing out, results reflect socio-economic status of families in the main, and where they don’t, it’s exceptional.

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