Playing the exam game


Last week Ofqual announced it will be issuing a survey to schools for teachers to tell them about the strategies they use to prepare students for exam to ‘maximise students’ results’. They said

“There is evidence, some anecdotal, about how some of these strategies might undermine qualification standards. We want to get a better understanding of what happens in schools and what teachers think about approaches to maximising results; some of which are seen as acceptable and others which are recognised by teachers as pushing the boundaries, or even breaking the rules.”

The survey asks some very specific questions about what schools are doing to try to get the best results.  Whilst some of the points are incredibly serious in terms of breaking exam regulations (opening exam papers early), others are more ethically questionable, i.e changing teaching midway through a course due to policy change. Then there are some teachers are actively encouraged to do i.e focus on ‘C’ border students or borderline students being ‘houthoused’.

The implication behind the survey is that all of these practices are unacceptable. I agree some are but others aren’t.

Who can honestly say that their school has never done any of these?






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