Results vs quality of teaching – part 2: The questions


Following on from my post about the case of Miss M who gets fantastic results but doesn’t do anything you might expect from a teacher, I planned to address the key question of results vs quality of teaching however as I’ve thought about it further, many more questions have been raised by this case.

Lessons & Teaching

  1. If a teacher is getting consistently good/outstanding results, does it matter what happens in their lessons?

  2. Does student opinion of a teacher matter?
  3. Do all lessons have to have shared objectives, starter, plenary etc for them to be effective?
  4. What does ‘quality’ teaching mean?
  5. If a lesson doesn’t need to have a teacher in it to get ‘good’, do we really need teachers?
  6. Is it acceptable for every lesson for a class to be exactly the same?
  7. Was Miss M actually using pedagogical methods without realising?
  8. Is 100% A*-C enough?

Whole school & professional duties

  1. What is the purpose of a school?
  2. What is the purpose of a teacher?
  3. Should all teachers have to take part the same CPD/meetings?
  4. Other than teaching in a classroom, does a teacher have a professional duty to engage in anything else in school?
  5. Should teachers that get good results be ‘left alone’ by senior management?
  6. Should teachers that get consistently good results be ‘made’ to lead or support other teachers?

More questions that are probably for another blog..

  • Should a teacher ever leave a class?
  • How did these students learn without teacher ‘input’?
  • Does it matter what a classroom looks like?
  • Should we be suspicious of a subject that gets 100% A*-C?


Please feel free to add any further questions as comments to this post.

In part 3 I will share some thoughts and invite you to comment.


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